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Trees provide communities with clean air, cool shade, and unparalleled beauty. To benefit coming generations, new trees must be planted to replenish those lost each year. By joining together to take action, we can continue to beautify our neighborhoods and preserve the natural canopy, one tree at a time.


The mission of Trees from REFINED is to create a thriving network of donated and planted new trees in our community. Our goals are to cultivate a spirit of giving while sustaining the Twin Cities’ beautiful natural tree canopy for future generations.

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Quick Program Notes
  • 100 free trees are available on a first come basis. Up to two are allowed per household.
  • Since this is a pilot program, there are certain logistical and budget restraints to be worked out. As a result, this first-year program is open to Edina residents only. Trees from REFINED plans to expand the tree give-away to other communities in coming years.
  • Trees must be planted in front yards (or side yards for corner lots) to be considered for the program
  • There is no replacement warranty associated with the tree(s)
  • All 2018 trees have already been claimed – signup to be notified first when 2019 registration opens!


1 – Decide what type of tree you’d like (click here for three options)

2 – Fill out the form below to sign-up

3 – A confirmation email will indicate your order was received

4 – Closer to planting, you will receive an email notification of dates when the Southview Design team will deliver and plant your tree(s). We expect all trees to be planted during a ten-day period in mid/late-April, weather permitting. This email will also include flag placement instructions.

5 – Place your flag where you’d like the tree planted in your front yard (or side-yard for corner lots)

6 – Southview Design will call in the “utility locates” to ensure safe digging and planting of the tree(s). Please note: Trees from Refined and Southview Design will not be responsible for private utilities.

7 – The Southview team will plant your tree. It is important to water according to the tree care instructions.

8 – Enjoy your new tree, and the beauty and shade it brings to your neighborhood!

Sign-up for a tree
    Free trees for planting are on a first come basis, based on form submission time. Trees will only be planted in Edina Minnesota. Trees will only be planted in front yards (and side yards for corner lots). There is no replacement warranty associated with the tree(s). Trees From REFINED and the program sponsors have the right to change the planting dates if needed based on weather. Southview Design (who is planting the trees) has the right to move your tree location if it is too close to a utility locate or another undesirable structure/lot line/curb/driveway, etc . Tree recipient agrees to defer final tree placement location decision to tree planting installers. Said installers will use their best judgment for revised location if required. Trees from REFINED and Southview Design are not responsible for private utilities.

    By signing up for this program I opt-in to receive e-mail from Trees from REFINED and Southview Design regarding the tree program.
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.


How many trees can I request?

One or two trees are allowed per household at this time.

What if all the trees have been claimed by the time I sign-up?

We will notify you by email if this is the case and add you to the early announcement list for next year.

How do I choose where I should plant my tree?

We suggest you pick a location that allows room for the tree to grow. It’s also best practice to avoid planting too close to your home, lot line, or the curb/sidewalk/driveway.

How do I care for my tree?

Tree care instructions will be sent by email before your tree arrives.

Does this program cost me anything?

It does not. Your sponsors for this year, REFINED Custom Homes, and Southview Design are paying for all of the costs involved.

Which tree should I choose for my yard?

Please read here to learn more about the three tree options available.

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