Kind Words

Building with Refined was a phenomenal experience. We were first time builders, and we had heard horror stories of building, but our experience with Refined was truly enjoyable (and the finished product – our new house – is AMAZING). They partnered with us from start to finish, found us the perfect lot for a new home, and kept us on budget. The entire team at Refined exceeded our expectations; the business team, the designers (yay!), the project managers and the team that continues to support us 9 months after having moved in (wow!). The service, the attention to detail, the timelines were all fabulous, but all of that only matters if they house they build is better than you could have imagined. Ours is. If (when) we ever build again, our builders will be Refined.
~ Rob, Edina, Pamela Park Neighborhood 

We designed and built with REFINED LLC and had the most amazing experience. After meeting with several builders and learning about the process, their process was in a league of its own. The professionalism, organization, skill, expertise, creativity and passion they brought to our project was astonishing. From start to finish, this building experience was a dream come true for us it we had fun doing it because their process allowed us to trust in each step. We would highly recommend them and would be happy to speak with anyone considering building with them. They are simply the best. ~Cade, Edina, Morningside Neighborhood 

We could not have been more pleased with our homebuilding experience. REFINED not only builds a quality product, but truly cares and stands behind their work. Our home was completed in a timely fashion, organized and on budget. They were easy to work with, honest, dependable and creative in making our dream home into a reality. If we were to build another home tomorrow, we would definitely call REFINED. We highly recommend them to anyone looking for a client friendly approach backed with lots of expertise and strict adherence to budget. Thank you REFINED! ~Andriana, Edina, South Harriet Park Neighborhood

The highest praise I can give Refined is that I would require they be my builder if we were ever to build again! Refined did an excellent job of helping pull together larger, abstract concepts, boiling them down into concrete plans and very detailed specifications to accomplish our vision for our home. There was no detail that was too small for Refined professionals to focus on, and they never made us feel like we were overly focused on any element of the project, no matter how small. It was comforting that they would focus on finding the very best solutions when even we thought perhaps we were overthinking something. Every Refined professional I worked with was very skilled in their area of expertise, all were extremely professional and though we had an excellent project manager to oversee our overall project, we knew any communications to any member of the team would always be addressed and communicated to the appropriate team members. The quality of Refined’s work is fantastic, and all elements of the project were completed on time. We could not be happier with our home, truly great experience! ~Brian, Edina, Pamela Park Neighborhood 

Refined Builders attention to detail is next to none. Every step of the way they made sure that I was satisfied with the result and the end product was what I had envisioned. Not only were they incredibly professional throughout our project they are so knowledgeable about their field you really know you’re working with an expert! ~Michelle, St. Louis Park, Brookside Neighborhood 

There aren’t enough stars to give to Refined for the work they did in building our dream home! From our first meeting through the completion of the house, our expectations were exceeded. Their attention to detail both in the house itself and the process of building are unmatched. Our home was completed on time. Our experience with Refined defies that of many people we know who built houses with other builders. The team at Refined truly is a pleasure to work with, and we wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to anyone that is looking to build the home of their dreams. ~Meghan, Edina, Pamela Park Neighborhood 

Before we started with Refined, I met with 9 builders to try and decide who to build with. I had fallen in love with Refined’s product from a house they had on the Parade of Homes a few years ago and was hoping the personalities of the builders would match with ours. As soon as we met with them, I knew that’s who we would build with. Refined was with us throughout the entire process, from finding a lot, negotiating a price, drawing plans, interior design and actual building. From start to finish, they were amazing to work with.

We had heard such nightmares about the building process and how people would never do it again. We never once felt that with Refined. We worked with Eric on the negotiations of purchasing the lot and the previous owners made it somewhat difficult. Eric did a great job buffering us on all of it and from our end, it was seamless.

Andy worked with us from there on drawing the plans with Jalin Design (also awesome) and they came up with SO many ideas we never would’ve thought of on our own. They took our million Houzz pictures and turned it into our dream house. They also maximized the space too in such a way that gets complimented every time someone walks through the house.

Andy and Tim also led us through the building process itself. I was amazed as to how easy it was. They kept us on time with the various selections (colors, flooring, appliances etc…) and made it a fun process. They quoted us at a certain time for completion and even with a brutally cold winter that shut down work for over 3 weeks, they were still on time with a high-level work product.

I have recommended Refined many, many times. They made what could’ve been an awful process fun. And the end result was our dream house that you will have to drag me out of in 50 years 🙂 ~Katie, Edina, South Harriet Park Neighborhood 

recently moved into our new home in Morningside, built by Refined LLC. We love every detail of it. Everyone at Refined was incredibly helpful and easy to work with. They allowed us to get as involved as we wanted, but we were also confident that if we couldn’t decide on something they’d be able to help us, with the best of results. We felt, from the beginning, that they really understood what we wanted – they matched us with a fantastic architect, Jeff Lindgren, who designed exactly what we had envisioned. Every little detail was taken care of. The process was incredibly smooth, communication was a priority, and the (very few) inevitable problems/delays that arose through the process were managed appropriately. They also did a great job trying to keep us on track with our original budget. The quality of the construction is impeccable. We hope we never have to move from this house! Thank you, Refined! ~Dwattson, Edina, Morningside Neighborhood 

We built our dream home with Refined. We have been here for almost a year and I could not be happier. I love the lot, the space, how the light comes in the home, and how everything came together that truly reflects the vision we had for our home. The home is beautiful inside and out. I feel so thankful and lucky to have had the experience of building this home with Refined. I hope to never move from here! ~Katharine, Edina, Highlands Neighborhood 

This company has come up with a process that really makes building a home fun. The workmanship of their homes is amazing. They work hard to get a quality product for the best value. The finish is outstanding. They really worked with us to figure out what would work for us. We gave them an idea of what we were looking for and they set an appropriate budget. They have an interior design team to help with selections. I can’t say enough positive things about this company. Eric and Andy are awesome to work with! We can’t wait to see the finished project! We had to tear our existing home down . They helped us to determine what materials from the existing house that we could reuse.The house had asbestos, lead and a buried fuel tank. They took steps to make sure that these hazards were dealt with properly. Everybody that I have dealt with in this company has impressed me. They are good listeners and they follow through on a very timely basis. We are in the midst of the project now, with hopes to close in late April or early May. ~ Kimberly, Deephaven

We recently completed a new home build with REFINED. It was a great experience, and we really enjoyed working with them. They are extremely professional, organized, timely, and knowledgeable.

We have been in our new home just over 2 months now and just can’t say enough fabulous things about it and the company who built it. The quality and craftsmanship speak for themselves from the moment you walk through the door.

REFINED continues to check in to see how things are going, and from the beginning, has gone above and beyond to make our dream home everything we hoped it would be. ~Jeri, Edina, Morningside Neighborhood