Kitchen Islands: Heart of the Modern Home

A home’s design reflects that family’s lifestyle. Few floor plans have risen to prominence as much as the island-anchored, open concept kitchen. Most of us know the virtues of open concept homes; they’re bright, welcoming, and visually appealing.

Flowing floor plans offer a lived-in vibe. Instead of formal, one-purpose rooms, these homes have a cohesive family-friendly feel. Each space is designed to multi-task and accommodate the different rhythms of everyday life.

Centerpiece kitchen islands have been popular for a while now, but lately, they’ve become bigger and better! Islands have evolved to include everything from entertaining areas, minibars, prep stations, eat-in tables, and so much more.

Recently, the double kitchen island has also become incredibly popular with our clients. This trend allows for hosting with elegance and ease; one island is the workhorse, while the other remains clutter-free for guests!

Islands are a gathering place. They’re the kitchen MVP of weekend pancakes, holiday gatherings, late-night study sessions, weekday snack time, work-from-home conference calls, family baking parties, and so much more. We’ve pulled together a few of our favorite kitchen islands below – take a peek!

white farmhouse kitchen Edina mn