master bedroom in newly built home edina mn

Creating a Bedroom Oasis

master bedroom in newly built home edina mn

The bedroom is a sacred space. Perhaps the most intimate room in any home, bedrooms are private and personal. They’re where you get away from the rest of the world, a cozy sanctuary and warm safe-haven. Besides being the spot where you rest your head each night, the bedroom is where deep family bonds are forged and lasting memories are made. Bedrooms are a place to steal away and gather your thoughts, comfort little ones during bad storms, whisper pillow talk into your partner’s ear, and lazily snuggle together on Saturday mornings.

Your bedroom should make you feel comfortable, safe, and at ease. A place of peace, it’s where you can let go of stress and unplug from responsibilities for a little while. The worries and to-do list may overtake your day, but if only briefly each morning and evening, your bedroom should be a secluded oasis. We take great joy in collaborating with our clients to create each of their calming bedroom retreats. Browse through the photos below of a few standout client bedrooms we love, hopefully they’ll inspire to start planning your own hidden bedroom refuge.

Oaklawn Bedroom