What’s Your Master Bath Style?

How would you describe your personal style? Is it all-encompassing or does it vary from room to room? Are you attracted to the energy of modern, trendy spaces or do you feel most at home in a classic, trusty traditional setting?

If you’ve ever or are currently building or remodeling your home, then you know how essential these questions are. Everyone from your project manager to contractor to interior designer will probably pose some version of, “what’s your style?” multiple times throughout the design process.

Whether you research individually or discover your style with your team’s guidance, we highly recommend doing some soul-searching. One potential design afterthought? Your master bathroom. Sure, it’s not a communal space like your kitchen, but bathrooms see a lot of day-to-day action.

From serene to playful to seriously practical master baths, we’ve designed it all over the years. Scroll below for a selection of our favorite master bathroom style inspiration!