Fresh Air: Porches & Outdoor Spaces

March is near its end, the snow is melting, and Minnesotans are beyond ready for a little fresh air. Honestly, this time of year we’ll happily take anything from 40 to 60 degrees if it means winter has concluded. Early spring is all about open windows and high hopes, right?

If you also can’t stop daydreaming about grilling, green grass, and sitting in the warm sun, then you’re in the right place. This week, our blog is devoted to our favorite backyard features and outdoor getaways. Porches, in particular, are a real lifesaver during the spring transition. You get a taste of the outside but can still control your environment (hint: fireplace).

Another fantastic way to bring the outdoors in is through oversized french or patio doors. We love how this feature brings in lots of bright, natural light. Additionally, they provide you with the option of making any space – from bedrooms to dining rooms – feel more like a luxurious resort.

Want to see more of what we’re describing? Scroll through the images below, and let us know which porches or patios you’d like to call home!