Staircases that Make a Statement

Building a custom home is about the details, creating unique spaces that reflect your style. From top to bottom, room to room, sconces to doorknobs, we calibrate each element to your distinct taste. No finish is too small, or space is too ordinary to be forgotten!

One of our favorite places for finding unexpected sophistication are staircases. Just think for a moment – how many times a day do you go up and down your stairs? Quite a few, right? They connect the different parts of our homes, the more personal and public domains.

Staircases also offer vast design opportunities! Few other areas of your home could involve an impressive view, accent lighting, playful windows, and a broad mix of materials. When approached thoughtfully, your stairway is another way to showcase your original style.

Browse the images below to check out some of our client’s most creative and stunning staircases. From traditional elegance to modern masterpieces¬†– we’ve done it all!