Design Trends: Making a Statement with Wallpaper

Interior trends are always evolving. From shag carpet to wood floors, pastel appliances to stainless steel, formal spaces to open concept floor plans; some styles are a blip on the radar, while others are long-lasting. Our favorite trends are the ones that keep cycling back, returning in newer, more modern iterations. Few finishes have seen more reinvention or have more staying power than wallpaper.

Every generation has its wallpaper moment and style de jour. The sixties were about bright, playful patterns. The seventies defined by added texture, burnt shades, and floral motifs. While the eighties and nineties saw the rise of borders, stencils, and Damask and floral patterned walls. Currently, wallpaper trends revolve more around expressing individual style. Your wallpaper taste might be graphic and geometric, soft and subtle, bold and colorful, or playful and whimsical.

Often, entire rooms aren’t covered in wallpaper anymore. Instead, it’s more of an intentional pop of design in select spaces. Our favorite places to add playful patterns are kids rooms, while soothing geometric designs are ideal for master bedrooms and baths. If you want to use wallpaper for an unexpected pop of bold style, we’d recommend adding it to smaller or less trafficked spots like the powder room, laundry room, mud room, or butler’s pantry.

Many of our clients’ homes utilize modern wallpaper trends in stunning and unique ways, take a peek below at some of our favorite patterns and projects!