Faces of Pamela Park: Drew Beson Art

We are thrilled to feature another of our favorite faces of Pamela Park this month with Edina’s own, Drew Beson. After a few years of exploring other places, Drew made his way back home in 2004. To make things even more nostalgic, he bought the house where his dad grew up, although he’s certainly changed things around from how his idiosyncratic grandparents kept it.

Happy to make Pamela Park his home base, Drew loves the neighborhood because it’s close to everything and remains blissfully serene. In his free time, he enjoys hanging out around the house, keeping up the yard and garden, or working on his motorcycles in the garage. The longer he’s lived there, the more Drew has seen many of his close friends settle down in Pamela Park as well.

Pamela Park isn’t just home to Drew and his German Shorthair Pointer, Paisley, it’s also where he dreams up ideas for his beautiful artwork (before heading to his studio also in Edina). Growing up as a creative and playful child, Drew quickly channeled his love of problem-solving into art making. After studying studio art in college at St. Olaf and through the encouragement and example of his uncle and mentor, Billy, Drew decided to make art his career.

Although each day as a self-employed artist is different, there are some predictable rhythms to Drew’s business life. Most often he can be found creating new work, cataloging or installing art, meeting with potential collectors, mentoring young artists, delivering gifts to existing collectors, making site-visits for new projects, or getting ready for his next show. In essence, Drew describes what he does as creating, documenting, and sharing.

Want to learn more about Drew’s creative process and explore his stunning art in greater detail? Click on the links below to visit his website, follow him on social media or visit his studio to see his art in person!

Drew Beson Art, 5301 Edina Industrial Blvd. #8, Edina, MN 55439

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