Real Home Feature: Sophisticated and Modern Style

5805 Brookview-web_014

One of the most interesting facets of what we do is seeing the unique interior styles of our different clients. We find it fascinating to see the spectrum of interests and influences that shape people’s tastes. Watching a home come together from crafting designs to building walls to arranging furnishings never ceases to amaze us – it’s such a captivating process!

It was our great joy to partner with these warm clients on the elegant and sophisticated home pictured above. We cannot get enough of the simple, timeless, and trendy vibe of this space. Each room has an effortless quality; everything feels calm, bright, and inviting. Moving throughout the different nooks and areas of the home, we cannot help but imagine the lifetime of beautiful memories to be made there. From cozy evenings gathering around the fireplace to slow weekends spent cuddling in bed; this home is a serene backdrop for modern family life.

Explore more of this stunning home below; we’re sure you’ll feel inspired by its standout style!

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