Making Spirits Bright: Hosting Holiday Visitors


Everyone celebrates the holidays differently. From treats to decorations to traditions, each family puts their spin on what makes the season feel meaningful to them. While we may never agree on which movie version of The Grinch reigns supreme, there’s one aspect of the holidays that remains almost universal; gathering with family.

Traveling from near and far to spread Christmas cheer isn’t always easy, but spending time with loved ones is the highlight of the holidays. Whether crowded in a tiny city condo or scattered throughout a spacious country cabin, all that matters, in the end, is being together. Gracious hosting isn’t defined by square footage or resources. Real hospitality means making your guests feel sincerely welcomed. It’s in the details, the thoughtful touches that show your guests how much they matter.

If you’re opening up your home to family or friends this December, we want to help you start planning! Read on below to discover our favorite ways to put your guests at ease. We’ll have you making spirits bright faster than you can say, jingle bells!


Cozy Bedding. When hosting guests overnight, your greatest concern is their bed. Freshly wash your nicest linens. Make the bed as if you’re running a cozy B&B. Pile it high with extra pillows and blankets – especially during chilly weather! The last thing anyone wants is to stumble through someone else’s home searching for extra bedding in the middle of the night. Make things easier on everyone involved and plan ahead!


Reading Material. It may sound trivial, but nothing helps people decompress more than a little light reading before bed. Stock each bedside table with your favorite novels, coffee table reads, magazines, and kids books. It’s a small gesture that invites your guests to take time out for themselves too – especially if they’re introverted!


Extra Toiletries. Even if you don’t have a dedicated guest bathroom, there are still ways to make your home a little more like a hotel. Before your company arrives, prepare them a basket of mini toiletries. Include fun things like favorite lotions, bubble bath, and scented candles, along with more practical items like extra toothbrushes, q-tips, and kleenex. Above all, make sure to lay out freshly cleaned towels for each person!


Breakfast Menu. Another charming touch to make guests feel spoiled is letting them request their breakfast! Create a menu of brunch offerings and ask people to put their order outside the door before going to sleep. That way, the next morning you’ll be ready to cook as soon as you hear people start stirring.


Snack Stash. Help people avoid midnight cravings and leave a small snack stash in each room. Include something sweet, something savory, and something healthy. Pack a few extra napkins and water bottles with each supply. Add in kid-friendly options is applicable, along with any well known local favorites or delicacies!