Building Room for More: Traditions

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Warm milk and cookies after the first day of school, decorating the Christmas tree together while singing carols, or snuggling up with popcorn for Friday movie night; nothing is more priceless than creating family traditions. Whether you’re establishing a new pattern or carrying on a time-honored practice, these rituals make up the rich tapestry of a family’s life.

Traditions provide a roadmap to memories, they connect different generations through shared history, food, values, and culture. Unlike anything you could pass on to your children, traditions are cherished memories they can hold onto for a lifetime. They’re things to look forward to each season and count on, whether life is easy or hard, these special customs transcend the bumps and bruises of family life and bring people together.

There is no greater honor than helping families define what home means to them, we know that the spaces we help create are sacred. Each home we build is designed with intention, each room is made to compliment your family’s story and carry out your individual traditions. From a kitchen big enough to host birthdays and holidays to a cozy den that’s perfect for Saturday morning cartoons, we carefully craft each space for you to fill with your beautiful life.