Building Room for More: Hugs at the Front Door

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Our clients often tell us that coming home to their “forever home” is a daily highlight. Being at home means you get to relax, let your hair down, and make memories with the people you love.

How are you welcomed when you arrive home after a long day? What do you see when you open the front door? A child nearly knocking you over for a hug, an excited dog waiting dutifully to greet you, the smell of dinner simmering on the stove, the warm embrace of a spouse asking about your day?

However you are greeted, we encourage you to build a home that reflects your priorities and makes space for what you love. A beautiful entryway is more than a necessity, it’s an opportunity, a chance to give a glimpse of your family’s personality to anyone who visits your home.

The front door is the gateway to your life and the first impression of your home. Shouldn’t you love what you see when you walk inside?

Check out a few of our favorite front entryway looks…

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