The Home Office Space That Offers More

The modern workplace has evolved, and with it the home office. Here at REFINED the home office is not an afterthought, it’s a significant part of a home. A place where productivity happens, while the people and things you love are nearby.

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We know that your productivity is impacted by the environment around you; and studies confirm it!  In fact, you’re likely to be 20% more productive in a well-designed office space.

Your work experience can and will be enhanced in a beautiful workspace — one that includes natural light, a feel of comfort, organization, and a perfect reflection of your unique style and preferences.

In a workspace, we aim to provide our clients with:
• a layout that helps simplify and declutter
• space that energizes and inspires creativity — so that work comes easily to you
• an area you look forward to being in, where work brings you joy — or doesn’t feel like work at all!
• features that enhance productivity and efficiency
• a sense of serenity and completion at the end of each day

Home offices by REFINED are designed with just those things in mind, allowing you the freedom to break away and capture more time with those you love.

REFINED builds custom homes with the intent on making room for more of the things that are most important to you. Whether that’s free time, family time, or whatever suits you most. Our home offices are a core part of meeting the modern homeowner’s needs — done beautifully.


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REFINED builds beautifully-designed, custom homes in and around the Edina, MN area.  To see more of our work, check out our portfolio here.