Get Your Groove on in the Laundry Room: Laundry Rooms with Stunning Style & Storage | REFINED Home Builder Edina MN

Ok, so doing laundry may not be your favorite activity ever… but that doesn’t mean your laundry room has to bore you too!  Creating a laundry room with style and pizazz means you’ll always have a room where you can get your groove on.  And maybe get a little laundry done too!

Here are some stunning REFINED laundry rooms that really pack a punch.  They’re sneakily filled with resourceful storage spaces too…


The Tiffany-blue inspired wall color makes this laundry room somehow elegant and relaxing at the same time. And look at all that countertop space!


Truly inspirational: a laundry room and craft room join forces. Innovative storage, unique lighting, and high-contrast details make this whimsical laundry room hard to leave!


This high-impact wallpaper inspires you to keep your head above the clouds. A lofty and motivating thing indeed (and one that might just keep you folding).


Like the perfect green apple, this laundry room is fresh, uplifting, and brings to mind the moments of Spring that make you smile! (The extra hanging space, spacious countertop, & roomy cabinets will make you smile too).


Yes: use intriguing artwork and unique lighting in your laundry room whenever possible. Not to be regretted.


This wallpaper is all Hollywood glam. No doubt the clothes that come out of your dryer will be just as glamorous.

If you’re ready for a snazzy new laundry room  —  and a stunning home to go with it  —  check out our current properties here at REFINED!  Custom home building (with no shortage of style) in Edina MN and the nearby Twin Cities area.